It has come to my attention that I have not succeeded very much in very much that I have done very much. I look at my university life and I see that I’m still at Griffith, dealing with the same problems all Griffith students deal with…being at Griffith. I have not managed to destroy this fine establishment through physical acts, thinking bad thoughts, prayer or my rhetoric. It still stands as the biggest road block to my education, and I still have to stand going through the agonizingly mundane and idiotic tasks they set upon us in their assessment tasks (hence why I’m blogging; I have a few of those due in the not too distant future). I have a strong feeling I am about to fail such assessment tasks, and if I do that will put having a career back further… A career that I’m not even THAT sure I want to be doing anymore.

I am still in the same job I was in 5 years ago, which I am content about, but it’s not like I’m buying my dream home or a helper monkey with the money I’ve earnt from this job. I don’t earn enough from my job or my government handouts to be able to do much of anything really.

So what’s my point? I’m venting sure, but this is not generally a “vent” blog is it? It’s usually full of witty and sarcastic writing (apart from the wit and sarcasm that is). Well let me tell you something…. I can do a rubics cube…. Wait, there’s more… I can walk on my hands… I can juggle… I can do lots of things, but I do them all without so much as a high five generally.

My point is whatever happened to people being crowned as heroes and paraded through the streets on the shoulders of royalty from achieving such tasks? They did it back in the 70’s! (as is my understanding of what went on in the 70’s). The average man can’t earn himself a buck these days for achieving tasks that not many human beings can do! They’re special tasks, and if not special, they’re SOMETHING for crying out loud! Why can’t I get paid to juggle? I juggle pretty well, no one is throwing me money!

It’s just not enough to be really good at something if it doesn’t achieve anything for the greater good I suppose… Like Lady Gaga being the pinup girl for “psychotic fashionista” and what-not-to-wear. If I could get paid to go into uni lectures and say fairly funny and sarcastic things under my breath I would be close to a millionaire by now. Alas, no one is looking for anyone to be really good at something that means nothing. However, if you’re really bad at something that is supposed to achieve something, and you can’t, then you can achieve something from your nothing.

Just look at George Clooney. He can’t act, but he’s got an Oscar to his name. Justin Beiber can’t sing but he’s got a career in just that. Julia Gillard although has red hair and a weasel face doesn’t know politics from the song Microtic by the hit Japanese ‘Backstreet Boys’ style band ‘DBSK’ (at least that’s what I think they’re called… check ’em out underneath)but she is our Prime Minister. I guess the difference between DBSK and the rest of the people mentioned is that they’ve got actual talent. Their lyrics are catchy from what I can understand of them (well… at least I think they are… I’m sure they are!) and they’ve got some great haircuts and dance moves as well as all the pretty lights and subtle undertones of torture and violent loving within their film clip to have made this research a fun romp through youtube.

Anyway, the point is: I need a niche and I’m struggling to find one. If anyone knows how to generate income and is looking for someone with pointless and useless skills, bad to no acting ability, an incredible lack of singing or dancing ability and not enough emphasis on personal hygiene, I’m your guy. For now though, I’ll settle back into procrastinating on assignments, eating too much junk food, writing blogs no one reads and practicing my secret abilities of being able to move things with my mind and sometimes teleport myself from place to place*…

Love you long time,


*sorry, what I mean here is that I can move my body with my mind and teleport was a typo for “transport”… I can often “transport” myself from place to place, often without problem.