I am a Drama teacher. This means from time to time I have to prepare things. As of right now I’m supposed to be preparing a new syllabus for my senior students. And as we all know the best, most important first step to take in all preparations is procrastination. So I decided to write about my New Year’s resolutions. Well, more just about my resolution to succeed in being healthy. Health has many facets, such as mental health, spiritual health, environmental health, and a whole bunch of others. I am mental already, so I do not need much work on that aspect of health, instead I need to work on my physical health. Which means I decided to “hit the gym” for the first time in 2013, and hope that it would not hit me back as I am a weakling and quite the coward. Here is my experience.

My gym is a 10 minute walk away, so 5 minutes later I pulled up at the gym. As I sprinted into the gym, I was confronted with two options. My gym has upstairs and downstairs rooms for working out. The upstairs room has a circuit of gym equipment, along with a few treadmills and other cardio stuff. As it has no free weights and no bench presses, it is frequented by mostly old women. The downstairs is where it is at if you want to “get yo’ buff on”. The downstairs room is where it is because if it wasn’t the sheer weight of all the metal and the incredibly muscular guys who can lift trucks (but can’t scratch their own backs) would cause it to quickly become a downstairs room, were it to start upstairs. I immediately headed to the upstairs room. It meant I didn’t have to go down a set of stairs, and there is only so much working out a person can do in a day.

I reached the room at a sprint of course, and saw that it was just as I had left it in 2013, white equipment and grey haired occupants – perfect. Most of the equipment was taken up so I turned on my workout beats and waited. A bit of equipment opened up across the room. I headed over and gave quite the smug smile to the 75 year old geriatric woman  as I loaded another 3 kilograms onto the machine that she had just gotten off. People were impressed. Eyebrows were raised. I thought nothing of it.

A couple of hours later I decided I had done all the machines in the room and was up for a new challenge. Dare I head downstairs?! Nah, I’ll go home…. No!… Downstairs. That is the promised land for steroid users and now, I thought, me. I shall head downstairs. I decided not to take the lift, mostly because there wasn’t one. I reached the downstairs area at quite the sprint of course, and boy, oh boy was I greeted by everyone in that room with glee. At least I think all the grunting was some sort of welcoming song or something, and people smiled at me, though that could have just been their faces contorting in grimaces from lifting tractors down there. Either way, I was in. In the room. In the “big kids lifting big stuff” club. I lifted a few things in there even and headed out before someone could start accusing me of using performance enhancing drugs. And now I feel good about myself. So I have decided to post a progress picture to track my incredible “gains”. Here it is below.

No photoshop needed.

I expect to definitely make some incredible progress in the coming weeks. Anything I do will surely be a bonus!

Well that is my gym experience. I hope you are succeeding in reaching your 2014 goals too!

Blogger out.


Ok… I’ll admit one thing. That is not actually my body in the picture. It is actually something I edited in paint. Though I was not the biggest guy in the gym today, there is one thing I know about big muscular people, it is that they are incredibly impressed by a guy who can use a computer. So I will impress in the gym regardless of how muscular I get in the future. Ok, I’m off to each some chocolate. I always see ads for chocolate power shakes, and I figure eating a block of chocolate is basically the same thing, probably with few calories!

Ok, go pump some iron everyone.

Blogger out.